May 17th, 2023

Future-Proofing Your Strategy in the Age of AI, Generative AI and Beyond

Join us at ASUS and NVIDIA’s inaugural conference to explore the cutting-edge world of generative AI and beyond to future-proof your strategy in the age of AI.

Event Highlights

Join us for an exclusion discussion diving into how the next generation of AI architectures accelerates your AI adoption and production. In addition, there will be hands-on demonstrations
of the latest NVIDIA Omniverse, a powerful platform for 3D simulation and collaboration.


09:30 - 10:00Breakfast + Registration
10:00 - 10:10Welcome Speech
10:10 –10:40Generative AI: Exploring the Impact for Enterprises and Beyond with NVIDIA
10:40 –11:10Building Smart Cities with Digital Twins and Synthetic Data
11:10 - 11:25Building a Sustainable AI Ecosystem: Advancing Gen AI with ASUS Servers for Responsible and Efficient Computing
11:25 - 11:40Break
11:40 - 12:15Fireside chat – Generative AI and Beyond
12:15 –12:25IMDA Innovation Programmes
12:25 –12:30Closing
12:30 - 14:00Lunch



IMDA PIXEL Innovation Hub

10 Central Exchange Green,
Singapore 138649